Agency Founder

Wilson Murphy
T 212 219 9100
C 917 769 4824

Agency Director

Moss Roberts
T 212 219 9100
C 917 405 5153

New York Office
T 212 219 9100

T 212 219 9100

About Us

Wilson Murphy founded WM Artist Management in August, 2010 as a forward thinking agency with a boutique style and a global sensibility.

Wilson, who built his career as partner and co-owner of Wilson/Wenzel, has guided and nurtured the remarkable careers of such photographers as Mikael Jansson, Sofia Coppola, and Paul Jasmin. WM Artist Management pairs its artists with clients who seek innovative and focused talent to collaborate in producing dynamic visuals for editorial, advertising, film and ever-expanding media formats.

WM Artist Management offers both the established artist and the emerging talent a partnership that will explore, guide and service their careers in all areas of photography and film, including the development of publications and exhibitions. With close association to celebrated clients, WM Artist Management assures a continuing creative bond between artist and client that forms significant relationships and enduring, iconic content.

Member of AMA - Artist Management Association